Litter Announcement:


Born September 17, 2015
4 red tri’s, 3 black tri’s and 3 blue merle’s.

Puppies raised under the Ritcheiver prefix are raised in a home environment from healthy parents with daily and loving socialization.  Australian Shepherds are active, intelligent dogs who make excellent companions when included as a family member in daily life and who enjoy activities such as hiking, agility, herding, flyball, etc. Puppies will be sold to pet/companion homes under non-breeding contract.
Some puppies are born with bobtails; others are docked in accordance with CKC/ASCA standards. Dewclaws are removed at the same time to prevent injury as adults. Puppies will receive regular deworming and will visit a veterinarian around 7 – 8 weeks for vaccinations, microchipping and overall health examination prior to going to their new homes. In addition, puppies will be examined by a veterinary ophthalmologist for an eye exam at about the same age.
Australian Shepherds can vary substantially in their colour and markings.  Placement of puppies is done with the goal of matching the puppy’s temperament and structure with those of the family or individual. Colour and gender preferences will be considered but cannot be guaranteed. A non refundable deposit may be required from prospective buyers. 
Bonni's grandchildren spending time with the pups
Salsa and pups in Bonni's bedroom where they were born and spent their first 3 weeks
Starting on solid food 
Outside play time
Furever Homes
After a long drive we are ready to meet our new furever families!
Eight of the Ten Puppies Stayed in Whitehorse
Tazi with her new Mom & Dad
Fawkes with his substitue person/he went to his new home the next day
Snow with Bonni and Snow with Kelly
Kipper with his new Mom
Wake with his new Dad and Mom
Butters with her Dad
Grizzly with his Mom and his kids
Bella with her new Dad and Mom
Opal and Onyx went to Washington!